Q: What is "movement balance" and why is it important?

A: Movement balance is what we are all about. Every part of our body works together in order to move in the most efficient way possible. Your body is designed to move in a balanced manner - but because of your unique lifestyle and activities you engage in, your body develops imbalances which can lead to trauma to the bones, soft tissue, and nerves, ultimately affecting the way your body moves and performs. We treat the underlying cause of your pain and inefficiencies rather than chase symptoms.

Q: Are your services covered under my health insurance plan?

A: We are an out-of-network provider and are not contracted with any insurance providers. Your out-of-network coverage may vary depending on the particular plan you have. Full payment is due at the time of service. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards and debit cards.

Q: Why are you not in-network with health insurance plans?

A: Movement Balance & Sports Performance is not a "traditional" medical practice where only pain and illnesses are treated. Our focus has a holistic approach on training, functional strength, and injury prevention. We analyze your movement to help prevent pain and teach you to become more aware of how your body moves and what your performance potential can be. Health insurance plans do not cover any type of injury prevention, movement analysis, or performance training. In addition, many health insurance plans will restrict a provider on how and what can be treated at a time as they see injuries as isolated regions of the body. We treat pain and injuries by analyzing the body as a whole and to reduce movement imbalances causing strain and stress. Our aim is to provide the highest quality of care and get you moving optimally as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Q: What is the benefit of paying out-of-pocket to treat my pain versus using my in-network health insurance at a medical facility?

A: Our approach to your health and treating pain and injuries is unique and vastly different from traditional clinics. With our focus on movement balance, we diagnose and treat the cause of your pain aiming for long term solutions, instead of just treating symptoms through temporary relief. Each client also has complete, undivided one-on-one attention. With the complexities of insurance and steady decline of reimbursement, many health care providers are forced to treat multiple patients within a short period of time, often with overlapping appointments in order to generate income. As a result, quality care is compromised with the high volume of patients. At Movement Balance & Sports Performance, our model allows us to dedicate our full attention on you without any restrictions from third party payers and insurance plans. We listen to you and your goals, not what others think you need.


Q: How does your pricing compare to using my in-network health insurance and copays elsewhere?

A: Our pricing gives us the ability to deliver high quality care with personalized intervention and attention. In traditional clinics, patients are seen in physical therapy offices 2-3x/week over a few months with copays ranging from $20-50 per visit. That equates to $160-600 a month and taking time out of your schedule 2-3x/week. Often times, these visits are scheduled with overlapping patients and passive treatment interventions, such as hot/cold packs and exercising or stretching on your own with an assistant or technician supervising you if needed. At Movement Balance & Sports Performance, you are the focus with one-on-one attention for at least a full hour or more. Because we are able to spend the time to deliver the most effective intervention by analyzing the body as a whole and teach you to be in control, sessions tend to be scheduled only 1-3x/month or as needed to any amount of frequency that fits you and your goals the best. The outcome is less visits needed, more cost effective, and better care. We think it's more than worth it, and believe you will too.    


Q: Can I use my out-of-network benefits under my health insurance plan?

A: Yes! We have had many clients successfully obtain reimbursement using their out-of-network benefits for physical therapy. Upon request, we can provide you with the necessary paperwork needed for you to submit claims towards any out-of-network benefits you may have. Many out-of-network benefits reimburse a part if not all of the services billed once your deductible has been met. It is a good idea to read over your policy or call your insurance benefit's office to find out what coverage you have for your particular plan. We can not be responsible for any denied claims but we will help in any way we can to assist you in submitting your claims successfully.

Q: Can I use my FSA and HSA card?

A: Yes! We do accept FSA and HSA cards with a major credit card logo. We can also provide a receipt for your FSA claims.

Q: Do I have to be an athlete to see you? Who are your clients?

A: Absolutely not. We do care for professional and recreational athletes seeking to find balance in their movement to prevent injury and to perform optimally; however, our services are beneficial to anyone that needs and wants to move better. Whether you suffer from pain or chronic injuries or you're looking to perform better with the focus on longevity and injury prevention, we can come up with a plan that fits you best.