Optimal performance and efficient movement are based on the solid principle of balance.

We are made to move - with every part of our body working in concert to provide the most efficient way of doing something. Whether you are an elite athlete or just trying to climb stairs without pain, your body is designed to move in a balanced manner.

However, we all live lifestyles where we stress our bodies in many different ways, sometimes without even knowing it, until our bodies tell us to stop. This happens through aches and pain or feeling stiff and weak, all of which ultimately affect our physical performance. These inefficiencies and stresses our bodies experience are often the result of movement imbalances and can lead to trauma to the bones, soft tissue, and nerves that our body require to function properly.

At Movement Balance & Sports Performance, we listen and focus on your whole body as a system that moves together. We address the root cause of underlying movement faults and sources of pain to get you actively involved in your recovery towards proper body movement and efficient performance.

All appointments are dedicated to and focused on you. We offer one-on-one, hands-on attention with the most effective, ground breaking and evidence based interventions.

Undivided attention. Quality care. That's what you ask for, and that's what we do.