the vision


Movement Balance & Sports Performance is founded on the mission to serve and genuinely care for people. We started with two driving principles.

one | We have witnessed the deficiencies in the traditional healthcare system. The business of healthcare is becoming more restrictive requiring providers to spend less time with people in order to make a profit. We believe that the number one priority is the client first. A part of high quality care is when you are given full attention and the plan is customized to your needs and goals. We strive for excellence in order to ensure you receive the best care and interventions to reach your goals - health, performance, and prevention. 

two | We know that quality businesses have great potential to make money. We also believe that joy and happiness are not founded in wealth. As a business, we aim to provide high quality care that is affordable to the client, yet also profitable enough to grow and in turn help more people. While it is necessary to earn a livelihood, we are founded on the mission to serve and know that the funds we receive can help make a difference.

As we grow, our hope is to sponsor our own service and missions projects, locally and around the world, where you can join with us too! Because we are still in our early stages of growth, we have chosen to support established charities in order to stay true to our vision.